Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Meeting #1 - Reading List

Meeting #1 - Overview and Background (Copies of these readings are in the folder in my ARF mailbox)

*Buchli, V.
2004 Material Culture: Current Problems. In A Companion to Social Archaeology, edited by L. Meskell and R. Preucel, pp. 179-194. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford.

Meskell, L.
2004 Object Worlds in Ancient Egypt: Material Biographies Past and Present. Berg, Oxford. (Chapter 1)

Miller, D.
1994 Artefacts and the Meaning of Things. In Companion Encyclopedia of Anthropology, edited by T. Ingold, pp. 396-419. Routledge, London.

2005 Materiality: An Introduction. In Materiality, edited by D. Miller, pp. 1-50. Duke University Press, Durham.

Miller, D. and C. Tilley
1996 Editorial. Journal of Material Culture 1(1):5-14.

*Olsen, B.
2003 Material Culture after Text: Re-Membering Things. Norwegian Archaeological Review 36(2):87-104.

*Pels, D., K. Hetherington and F. Vandenberghe
2002 The Status of the Object: Performances, Mediations, and Techniques. Theory, Culture & Society 19(5/6):1-21. (Available for download from the library)

*Preucel, R. and L. Meskell
2005 Knowledges. In A Companion to Social Archaeology, edited by L. Meskell and R. Preucel, pp. 3-22. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford.

*Tilley, C.
2001 Ethnography and Material Culture. In Handbook of Ethnography, edited by P. Atkinson, A. Coffey, S. Delamont, J. Lofland and L. Lofland, pp. 258-271. SAGE Publications, London.

*Focus on these readings

For those of you who are interested in delving deeper into the literature on reification and fetishism (as discussed in Pels et al. 2002) see:
(Copies were not made of these readings)

Ellen, R.
1988 Fetishism. Man 23(2):213-235. (Available for download from the library)

Lukacs, G.
1971 History and Class Consciousness: Studies in Marxist Dialectics. The MIT Press, Cambridge. ("Reification and the Consciousness of the Proletariat")

Marx, K.
1976 Capital Volume I. Penguin Books, New York. ("Fetishism of the Commodity and its Secret")

Pietz, W.
1985 The Problem of the Fetish I. Res 9:5-17.

1987 The Problem of the Fetish II. Res 13:23-45.

1988 The Problem of the Fetish III. Res 16:105-123.

Pitkin, H.
1987 Rethinking Reification. Theory and Society 16(2):263-293. (Available for download from the library)

Vandenberghe, F.
2001 Reification: History of the Concept. International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences:12993-12996. (Available for download from the library)


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Hey, not sure if you want comments here, but I have to say, Daniel Miller is excellent. If you read anything, hit up the Miller. For Sho.

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Oh, and it seems to me that Olsen is a smarty-pants (not in a good way). But he ends his article on a high point.

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