Sunday, February 12, 2006

Meeting Schedule for the Semester

Here is a tentative meeting schedule for the rest of the semester. This is not written in stone and changes can be made as needed. I dropped "place and landscape" from the list since it seemed to me to be the least relevant for our purposes. If most of you would prefer to bring back that topic and drop one of the other ones, we can definitely do that. I also thought that we should have our last meeting sooner rather than later as I know that all of you will have other things that you will have to finish up around the end of the semester.

February 17-Agency of Objects I
March 3-Agency of Objects II/Aesthetics
March 17-Technology/Biography of Objects
April 7-Identity/Memory
April 21-Colonialism/Culture Contact/Globalization

If you have any suggested readings for any of these topics please send them to me and I will add them to the lists.


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