Thursday, February 09, 2006

Meeting with Tim Ingold

I have made arrangements for our group to meet with Tim Ingold on Wednesday, Feb 22 at 11-12. We will most likely meet in the atrium. For those of you who cannot attend, I will post notes from the meeting on the blog. While we will focus on Ingold's work on technology, skill, and materiality, he has written on numerous topics. If you want to get a better sense of the breadth of his work, I recommend looking at his most recent book, "The Perception of the Environment" (full reference below). Most of this book contains previously published essays, with some new ones included.

Below is a list of some additional references for those of you that are interested. I will make copies available of those writings listed below that are not downloadable from the library.

Ingold, T.
1993 The Temporality of the Landscape. World Archaeology 25(2):152-174.(Available for download from the library)

1995 Building, Dwelling, Living: How Animals and People Make Themselves
at Home in the World. In Shifting Contexts: Transformations in Anthropological Knowledge, edited by M. Strathern, pp. 57-80. Routledge, London.

2000 The Perception of the Environment: Essays in Livelihood, Dwelling and Skill. Routledge, London. Ch 14 "Stop, Look and Listen! Vision, Hearing and
Human Movement"

2001 From Complementarity to Obviation: On Dissolving the Boundaries
Between Social and Biological Anthropology, Archaeology and Psychology. In
Cycles of Contingency: Developmental Systems and Evolution, edited by S. Oyama, P. E. Griffiths and R. D. Gray, pp. 255-279. The MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass.

2004a Beyond Biology and Culture: the Meaning of Evolution in a Relational
World. Social Anthropology 12(2):209-221. (Available for download from the library)

2004b Culture on the Ground: The World Perceived Through the Feet. Journal of Material Culture 9(3):315-340. (Available for download from the library)


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