Saturday, April 08, 2006

Meeting #6 - Reading List

Readings for our final meeting (April 21), on colonialism/culture contact:

Comaroff, John L. and Jean Comaroff (2001). On Personhood: an Anthropological Perspective from Africa. Social Identities 7(2): 2001. (Downloadable. Historical anthropology on personhood in colonial contexts, I think this goes well with the Gosden.)

Dietler, Michael (2005). The Archaeology of Colonization and the Colonization of Archaeology: Theoretical Challenges from an Ancient Mediterranean Colonial Encounter. In The Archaeology of Colonial Encounters: Comparative Perspectives (G.J. Stein, ed.), pp. 33-68. School of American Research Press, Santa Fe.

Eaton, Natasha (2003). Excess in the City? The Consumption of Imported Prints in Colonial Calcutta, c. 1780-1795. Journal of Material Culture 8(1): 45-74. (OPTIONAL!! Downloadable. Considerable po-mo wankering, but it does discuss some of the themes we talked about earlier – could be interesting.)

Gosden, Chris (2005). Archaeology and Colonialism: Cultural Contact from 5000 BC to the Present. Cambridge University Press, Cambrige. Chapter 3 (“A model of colonialism”) and Chapter 7 (“Power”).

Harrison, Rodney (2003). ‘The Magical Virtue of These Sharp Things’: Colonialism, Mimesis and Knapped Glass Artefacts in Australia. Journal of Material Culture 8(3): 311-336. (Downloadable)

- OR –

Harrison, Rodney (2006). An Artefact of Colonial Desire? Kimberley Points and the Technologies of Enchantment. Current Anthropology 47(1): 63-88. (Downloadable)

Stahl, Ann B. (2002). Colonial Entanglements and the Practices of Taste: An Alternative to Logocentric Approaches. American Anthropologist 104(3): 827-845. (Downloadable)

Van Dommelen, Peter. (2006). Colonial Matters: Material Culture and Postcolonial Theory in Colonial Situations. In Handbook of Material Culture (C. Tilley et al., ed.), pp. 104-124. SAGE Publications, Thousand Oaks.


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